Our Story

The idea for Baby Teething Tubes began shortly after we had our son, Tuscan. We couldn't find a go to teether for him to help soothe his teething pain. Bottom line is we felt helpless watching him in teething pain and know the feeling you have right now. 

We tried everything to help Tuscan, we were devastated that every teether we bought really didn't work. We couldn’t find anything that gave him the soothing relief that he needed. 

We wanted to create a safe, soft and non-toxic toy that we knew would really provide him soothing relief. We then got news we were going to be having another baby, we welcomed our daughter Tessa into the world. 

This is when Baby Teething Tubes was truly born! We didn't want to see Tessa go through the same teething struggles Tuscan was going through. We were also fed up with spending our hard earned money on the next teether. So, we decided to start researching the teething process and what other teethers simply weren't providing.

Baby Teething Tubes is designed to allow your child to chew comfortably on our soft, flexible, and hollow silicone teether. Yes, hollow. This allows them to have a controlled pressure in all areas of the mouth while cutting teeth. Our product is a simple design, yet effective and like nothing on the market. We just welcomed Tia into our family and she is absolutely loving the teether. We would never sell a product we didn't feel 100% comfortable with our own kids using it. Check out Tia using the teether - she loves it and your little one will too!

When we were doing our research on teethers, we couldn’t help but notice most are not made in the USA. So, it raised the question to us. Who really knows if these are being made responsibly in other countries? At that moment it made us uneasy not knowing if these teethers we were handing to our kids were really safe for them. You can rest assured that our product is designed in the USA and responsibly Made in the USA.

Our goal was to take all the knowledge we acquired and provide you with the best teether on the market, which your baby will love. We feel this teether does just that. It also allows relief for you the parents as well, knowing this is really helping soothe and defeat your child's teething troubles.

Take care and enjoy your Baby Teething Tubes. 

Trevor and Melissa Schill