We didn’t invent the teether, we just perfected it.

  • Soft and flexible for soothing comfort in even the hardest to reach parts of your mouth.
  • BPA Free, Toxin Free, Fragrance Free, Hypoallergenic, FDA compliant!
  • Made in the USA with 100% food grade silicon
  • Dentist approved!
  • Safe for all ages
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"I was SUPER surprised (and pleased) to witness the love and enjoyment my daughter had for these Baby Teething Tubes. As a Dad of 4, I have years of professional and fatherly experiences that help me understand what it takes to keep children engaged, safe, and happy. To my delight, these do the trick - she could hold it well, manipulate it, develop dexterity, build hand / eye coordination, and the list goes on. And they meet my rigorous health criteria. These get a 5 star + review in my book!"

The Search for the Perfect Teether Is Finally Over!

100% non-toxic, BPA free, Hypoallergenic, FDA Compliant, & Made in the USA.

FDA Compliant

0+ Months

Pediatrician Approved

100% Non-Toxic


Fragrance Free

Made in the USA



We love our babies. We love your babies. That's why we designed our teethers the way we did, to actually help provide effective relief from teething without cutting corners. Safety was, and always will be, our #1 top priority. Rigorous 3rd party testing and FDA compliance allows us to bring only the BEST product to you and your babies. We strive to give you only the best experience and the safest products.


Our silicone exceeds safety standards, including our colorings. Silicone does not contain any petroleum-based plastics or toxic chemicals like those found in plastics such as BPA, Lead and Phthalates. It is also non-toxic to animals and marine life. Because of this our teethers are dishwasher safe, bacteria resistant, stain resistant, safe in the freezer, and extremely durable.


We used smart design & materials to create a trusted go-to teether. The hollow design is not only safe, but provides the perfect amount of pressure. The length allows the teether to be especially safe, and the diameter allows the child to easily grip the toy without dropping it. We were after the perfect teether, and that's why we made it hollow, soft, flexible, convenient, clean and safe.

C0-Founders Trevor and Melissa With Chidren Tuscan, Tessa, and Tia.

The Benefits of Silicone

"What goes into our teethers is equally important as what we leave out."


Our silicone exceeds safety standards, including our colorings. Silicone does not contain any petroleum-based plastics or toxic chemicals like those found in plastics such as BPA, Lead and Phthalates. It is also non-toxic to animals and marine life.

Safe in Appliances

Silicone is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe, safe up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit. Silicone has the capacity to evenly distribute heat and the ability to cool instantly after heated.

Bacteria Resistance

Silicone has a natural resistance to bacteria, making it safe and hygienic. It can be safely boiled to sterilize, if desired. Silicone does not react with food or beverages and does not produce any hazardous fumes.


Silicone does not warp or damage, and can withstand both hot and cold temperatures. It is also resistant to age, sunlight, moisture and chemicals. Silicone is flexible and shatter resistant.

Stain Resistant

Silicone is resistant to odors and stains. Any unwanted but this can be easily remedied using a mixture of water and soap.

Dishwasher Safe

Silicone is extremely easy to clean. It can be safely boiled to sterilize and can be routinely cleaned in the dishwasher (top rack only, basket recommended).

Thanks for quality product

Thank you so much for creating a sturdy quality product. This is by far the best teether we have tried. We have yet to leave the house without it.

Sarah A.


Love the baby teething tube!

After buying several teethers between two kiddos, this has been our favorite teething item so far. It's a simple, but smart design. My little man loves to play with it and chew on it!! Love the baby teething tube!!

Kristen R.


Best thing for teething!

"We don't leave home without a teething tube and a backup! These are literally the best thing for teething!

Angie G.


Customer service is awesome!

Best teether ever! Emi is very picky and rejected every teether I gave her until this one! She always has it and it gives her so much relief. She likes to hit things with it too! It's soft and flexible, no worries about it being a choke hazard or a poke hazard. It's bigger than it looks in pictures. Highly recommend and free shipping! Customer service is awesome! Get one (or 3) today!!

Melena B


Soft, flexible and easy

Soft, flexible and easy for little hands to grasp. Our go to teether!

Paula M.


Thing to play with it

Oliver's favorite teether toy. He is finally able to get it into his own mouth, and he'll chew on it for hours. When it's not in his mouth, he still loves holding it and swinging it around. People are ALWAYS asking me what he's playing with—it's a baby teething tube! My only regret is not buying the three pack.

Amanda W.



The baby teething tubes have been on my sponsored fb ads for weeks. I said I'd never buy something from a facebook ad (or infomercial).....but the second my Lo started getting her first tooth, I changed my mind!

Jennifer L.


Winded up getting the 3 pack!

I am so glad I winded up getting the 3 pack! (one stays in her carseat, one for downstairs and one for upstairs)! She's now getting her 3rd tooth and I'm so thankful for the teething tubes! She loves them! I love how flexible they are and easy to clean! Will definitely recommend!

Jennifer L.