Here's what just a few of our satisfied customers have to say:

“My 4 month old loves his…perfect when they are just starting to hold onto toys longer. We got ours super fast and would recommend to anyone with children!!”
— Annie S.
“The teething tubes are a hit already! Thanks for sending them so fast. Little monster loves it already!”
— Samantha L.
“We ordered this on Friday and it was in our mailbox Monday!! No shipping fees was pretty nice as well. Daniel loves this teething tube already! Thanks for being awesome Baby Teething Tubes team!”
— Mandy D.
“Our son is almost 15 months old and past most of his major teething but recently started sucking on his fingers a lot so I figured we’d try a teething tube and he loves it so far. He may he more fascinated with the fact that he can breathe through it but hey, at least his fingers are out of his mouth!! Thanks!!”
— Holly F.
“You have a new fan! Tate is obsessed!” Molly J.
— Molly J.
“Baby Teething Tubes to the rescue with all 4 molars coming in!”
— Lyndsee S.
“Zoey loves her teething tubes! Now that she figured out how to get it in her mouth!”
— Sarah S.
“Ellie loves her Baby Teething Tube! We tried a few other teething products but she was not interested. This is the first one she will use on her own. It’s easy for her to hold and we feel safe letting her crawl around with it. Thanks Baby Teething Tubes.”
— Matt P.
“My 5 month old has his two bottom teeth coming in and this teething tube is a life saver! I had a day of running errands and this comes with us wherever we go. Unfortunately, I managed to loose it and tried back tracking everywhere I went... I even checked the police station!! I new I had to order another one immediately and as soon as I got it... Complete silence!!! Truly a mothers dream toy! Just want to show how flexible and easy it is for a baby to use! McLain loves his teething tube.”
— Annie S.
Rhea loves her teething tube! We don’t leave home without it!
— Katie O.

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