A Parent's Guide to Choosing Safe, Effective & Trusted baby teething tubes® For Their Baby

May 03, 2023

A Parent's Guide to Choosing Safe, Effective & Trusted baby teething tubes® For Their Baby

As parents, we always want the best for our children. For the baby's comfort and the parents' peace of mind, it's crucial to discover a safe and durable teething treatment. Teething toys are a go-to solution for teething pain. Choosing the best teething toy for your baby might be overwhelming, though, because there are so many alternatives on the market. It's critical to know the important variables to take into account while choosing a teething toy, such as safety, durability, and effectiveness. The best teething toy for your baby's needs will be covered in this article, along with information on baby teething tubes®, one of the most well-liked, durable, and highly recommended teething toys on the market.

Factors To Consider When Choosing teethers, teething toys, and developmental teethers:

Safety has to come first when selecting a teething toy for your infant. Make sure the teething toy you select is free of any potentially harmful chemicals and complies with all applicable safety requirements.

The FDA approval is a significant accreditation to look for since it guarantees that the teething toy is composed of safe and non-toxic materials. For instance, baby teething tubes® have undergone extensive testing to assure their safety for use by infants and are FDA-approved and BPA-free.

A variety of materials, including silicone, rubber, plastic, and wood, are used to make teething toys. Each material has special qualities and advantages. Some materials, meanwhile, could be dangerous to infants if they break off or consume them. In order to verify that the materials used in the teething toys they are considering are safe and non-toxic, parents should thoroughly inspect the materials used in them.

Teething toys are available in a range of forms and textures, each of which has special advantages for infants. While some toys are smooth, others feature ridges or bumps that are intended to massage the gums. It's critical to take your baby's preferences and needs into account when choosing the texture of the teething toy. 

Baby Teething Tubes® are a great example of a versatile teething toy, as they come with two different ends. During the teething process, the rough and textured one end effectively soothes sore gums. The other end is flexible and soft, making it ideal for chewing and encouraging good dental growth.

The baby teething tube's size and weight should be taken into account in addition to its shape and texture. Baby-sized teething tubes® should be easy for them to hold and place in their mouths. The tiny, lightweight style of baby teething tubes® makes them easy for small hands to handle and use.

The appropriate texture and shape of a teething tube can make all the difference in relieving your baby's discomfort and fostering healthy oral growth.

It's important to think about how simple it is to clean and maintain a teething tube for your infant. It's essential to pick a teether that is simple to clean and sanitize since, if not cleaned properly, a teether may quickly turn into a breeding ground for bacteria.

The simplicity of cleaning is a priority in the design of baby teething tubes®. It’s why it is also hollow so you can simply run water directly through our teether to ensure it is 100% clean.

Choosing a durable teether that is also safe, non-toxic, and simple to clean and maintain is important for your baby's health and welfare. With baby teething tubes®, you can have peace of mind knowing that your baby is getting a safe and durable teething solution.

It's important to take the brand's reputation and what other parents think about their products into consideration when choosing a teething toy for your kid. Look for businesses that have a history of creating effective and durable teethers.

baby teething tubes® is a family-owned company that has become very well-known in recent years for its premium teething tubes®. They are renowned for employing safe and non-toxic components in their goods, such as silicone that has received FDA approval and is BPA-free. Babies have several alternatives for easing their teething pain because of the diversity of textures and shapes available in baby teething tubes®.

baby teething tubes® have received excellent reviews and favorable feedback from parents who have used them for their infants. Many have noted the durability of the baby teething tubes®.  baby teething tubes® have even been said to help some parents' newborns self-soothe, giving them the much-needed comfort they required when teething.

Overall, baby teething tubes® has made a name for itself in the market for infant teething toys, with pleased consumers praising the quality, effectiveness, and safety of their offerings. 

Comparison Of Different Teething Toys:

Teething toys are available in a variety of materials, forms, and sizes. Each variety has benefits and drawbacks of its own. The most popular kinds of teething toys are contrasted here:

Silicone Teething Toys: Due to its soft feel and durability, silicone is a popular material for teething toys. It can tolerate high heat for sanitization and is simple to clean. The FDA-approved and BPA-free baby teething tubes® are an excellent example of silicone teething tubes®. To accommodate the baby's chewing and teething needs, the two ends of the tubes have various textures.

Rubber Teething Toys: Another common material for teething toys is rubber. Because it is flexible and soft, newborns may easily gnaw on it. However, it could be challenging to clean and could degrade over time. Additionally, certain rubber teething toys may include dangerous substances like BPA and phthalates.

Teething toys made of plastic are strong and easy to clean. They might not, however, be as comfortable as silicone or rubber teething toys. Additionally, they could include hazardous substances like phthalates and BPA.

Wooden teething toys are a safe, natural, and environmentally friendly solution for babies who are teething. They may not be as strong as other materials, but they are secure and non-toxic. To avoid splinters and bacteria growth, they also need specific upkeep.

It's essential to take your baby's safety standards, material preference, texture preference, and ease of cleaning into account while selecting a teething toy. baby teething tubes®, which have received favorable reviews from pleased parents, offer a teething baby a safe, dependable, and simple-to-clean solution.

Benefits of baby teething tubes®

Parents seeking a safe and durable teether for their infants are increasingly turning to baby teething tubes®. We are THE WORLD’S FIRST ORIGINAL baby teething tubes® and the only teething tubes® Made In The USA.  

Let's examine some of the traits and advantages of baby teething tubes® in more detail.

What makes Baby Teething Tubes® better? 


✅ Made by a Medical Device Manufacturer in 100% clean, safe, and FDA-compliant facility.

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✅ CPSC Additional Testing.

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Baby Teething Tubes® “Knockoffs From CHINA”

❌ Made in China.

❌ No testing. No registrations. No regulations. 

❌ Extreme materials that fail testing / regulations, and are not safe for your little one. 

❌ No clean FDA manufacturing standards.

❌ China knockoffs don’t have a “company name” on the teethers because the tooling is mass-produced to knockoff original baby teething tubes® that are Made in the USA teethers. 

❌ Tooling has rust and debri which manufacture unsafe cheap china knockoffs.

❌ Open aired manufacturing and material handling during the manufacturing process.

❌ Please do your research before you hand China made materials to your little ones. 

You can trust baby teething tubes® when you hand your little one our MADE IN THE USA teether. 

300,000+ 5-star happy & smiling babies

baby teething tubes® are composed of high-quality, food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and free of any dangerous chemicals, according to their product description. The teething tubes® come in a set of bundles. The teething tubes® design gives the baby a soft & strong surface to chew on and a soft, hollow, and flexible end that is easy for the baby to grasp.

Benefits Of baby teething tubes® Over Other Knockoff Teething Tubes®

baby teething tubes® is WORLD’S FIRST baby teething tubes® and  provides a number of advantages over other teething tubes® available on the market and the above list is why we are simply better. 

The only baby teething tubes® Made In The USA for your little ones. 

WORLD’S FIRST ORIGINAL baby teething tubes® 

See what Occupational Therapist’s are saying about baby teething tubes® 

"I just wanted to write to tell you how excited I am for this teething toy. I am a mom and also an occupational therapist that specializes in feeding and switching babies to solids. I am constantly recommending stick-shaped teething toys as it teaches the tongue to lateralize (move to the side) as well as helps to move the gag reflex back further in the mouth. I teach my parents that the risk of choking is small with these shapes as it would need to go back and then straight 90 degrees down the windpipe. There is such a need for this as a lot of companies are now putting safety guards to keep it from going back in the mouth. Such a great product and will be recommending to families!"

~ Cortney Voorhees, Occupational Therapist MS OTR/L

“Hey guys! I'm an occupational therapist as well, and with supervision this is perfectly safe. We can use this for a variety of things, including moving the gag reflex to the back of the mouth, working on teething, and also working with children who have a proprioceptive deficit and chew as a means of sensory exploration. It's normal and healthy for a child to have a gag reflex, it's what our bodies do naturally to help prevent choking, And that's why babies have such a strong gag reflex since they are not able to manage solid foods until at least 6 months old. But the problem occurs when that gag reflex remains once they start eating solid foods and impairs their ability to obtain appropriate nutrition. Supervision is always important with anything, but these are amazing and just wanted to share this with you all.” 

~ Brandie Lowe, Occupational Therapist MS

See what The Honest Company Co-Founder is saying about baby teething tubes®

"I was SUPER surprised (and pleased) to witness the love and enjoyment my daughter had for these baby teething tubes®. As a Dad of 4, I have years of professional and fatherly experiences that help me understand what it takes to keep children engaged, safe, and happy. To my delight, these do the trick - she could hold it well, manipulate it, develop dexterity, build hand / eye coordination, and the list goes on. And they meet my rigorous health criteria. These get a 5 star + review in my book!" 

~ Christopher Gavigan Co-Founder The Honest Company

See what an Emergency Room Doctor is saying about baby teething tubes®

“This looks GENIUS! I just ordered my first one for my 7-month-old. I’m an ER doctor… aka ultra-paranoid about choking… so I’ll report back to you all after we give it a trial run…

Report back: His spoon is more a choking hazard than this product. Honestly, this is an A+. My son loves it. He has not gagged or choked on it once. I highly recommend this product, especially as an alternative to a Paci-chewer because it is really well constructed.” 

~ Lauren M., Emergency Room Doctor 

See what a Physicians Assistant is saying about baby teething tubes®

“We LOVE the teething tubes®! Our 5 month old absolutely loves it, and has since about 3 months old. We don’t go anywhere without one of them. They are safe, durable, easy to clean, easy for the babies to grab and actually hold on to, entertaining, and easy for travel - what more could you ask for! As a healthcare provider, we are careful with what we give our daughter to play with and we definitely recommend the teething tubes®, no doubts or concerns with it at all.” 

~ Kelsey N., Physicians Assistant

Cleaning and Maintenance of baby teething tubes® 

Teething toys must be cleaned and maintained correctly in order for newborns to use them safely and effectively. The fact that teething toys constantly come into touch with a baby's mouth and are exposed to saliva, bacteria, and other pollutants. Therefore, cleaning these toys regularly is essential. 

The manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the teething tubes® must first be read and followed. Different cleaning techniques could be needed for various materials. For instance, wooden teething tubes® cannot be washed in the dishwasher or put in boiling water.

Use safe, non-toxic cleaning supplies that won't endanger the infant or destroy the toy while cleaning teething toys. The teething toys should be carefully cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap.

Parents should also be aware of a few safety considerations when cleaning teething toys. To protect the toy's surface, kids should refrain from using abrasive sponges or brushes. Additionally, since these can harm the infant, they should refrain from using harsh chemicals or cleaning supplies that contain bleach.

baby teething tubes® is one company that provides a fantastic method for maintaining and cleaning teething tubes®. The one piece hollow design allows for simple cleaning to get into all the nooks and crannies of the teether. The teething tubes® are built for simple cleaning, and are constructed from safe, non-toxic materials.

The baby teething tubes® also travel anywhere and no noise except for happy laughs, which makes it simple for parents to keep the tubes secure and safe while not in use. 

baby teething tubes® can offer safe and efficient relief for babies who are going through the teething phase with the right cleaning and maintenance.


Choosing a safe and durable teether is a must for any parent. When choosing a teething toy for your kid, it's crucial to take into consideration factors like safety regulations, the materials used, the texture and shape, the simplicity of cleaning and maintenance, and brand reputation. Parents should use baby teething tubes® because they are FDA-approved, BPA-free, have two distinct ends for teething and chewing and come with three cleaning brushes and a storage bag and the only teething tubes® Made In The USA for your little one. 

Additionally, it's important to maintain teething toys properly to avoid risks like choking hazards and wear and tear. It's critical to clean the teething toy according to the manufacturer's directions and to routinely check it for signs of damage.

Parents can provide their infants with safe and reliable teething remedies by taking these aspects into account and following the essential safety measures. baby teething tubes® are a trusted and long-lasting teething toy that many parents adore, so don't be reluctant to give them a try. 

United States Patent & Trademark Protected. 9+ Patents & Trademarked Approved.
THE WORLD’S FIRST ORIGINAL baby teething tubes®
Made In AMERICA. Family Owned & Operated.