Lubbees Bandana Drool Bibs

Light Grey/Ivory/Black/Maroon
Mint/Charcoal Grey/Yellow/Navy

“My baby boy needs those drool bibs and clips! ❤”  - Jane H., Baby Teething Tubes customer

If your little one is a drool machine like ours, then you'll love our new cute and absorbent bandana drool bibs. 

Stylish solution to your teething baby’s constant drooling: Don’t cover trendy outfits with a giant outdated bib and most importantly don’t spend time changing out drool-soaked outfits more than you already have to.

Dual-layered design for maximum comfort and absorption: Made with the highest quality 100% organic cotton on the front and 100% super soft polyester on the back to ensure your little one stays comfortable and dry for longer without fussing because of scratchy material.

Nickel-Free snaps - Our adjustable nickel-free snaps are super easy to snap, comfortable, and grow with your little one. Velcro can scratch their precious skin or damage other items in the wash, but our snaps are made for ease, comfort and safety.